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REF TB035 (50mL) / TB035-100 (100 mL)

Tris BSA Buffer

Diluent buffer, stock solution, for sensitive proteins such as coagulation factors. Diluted buffer fulfils the Ph Eur requirements on a coagulation Factor VIII diluent.

Key characteristics

  • Tris BSA Stock solution – To be diluted 1:10 with water prior to use.
  • Stock solution: 0.5 M Tris pH 7.3 (20°C) 2.0 M NaCl 10% BSA.
  • Contains carefully validated Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) with Australian or New Zeeland origin.
  • 1:10 dilution in water fulfils the Ph Eur requirements on a coagulation Factor VIII diluent.
  • Shelf life 3.5 years at 2-8°C.

Package information

  • Available as 50 mL (TB035) or 100 mL (TB035-100) per vial.
  • For In Vitro Research Use Only.



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