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Rox Prothrombin

A chromogenic kit for determination of Prothrombin (FII) functional activity in plasma and FII containing concentrates. Based on the prothrombinase system.

Measurement Principle

FII functional activity is determined in a chromogenic prothrombinase method, in which human FII is activated to thrombin (FIIa) by human FXa in the presence of bovine FV, calcium ions and phospholipid. The amount of FIIa formed is determined from the hydrolysis of a chromogenic FIIa substrate. The FII activity of the sample is assigned vs. plasma or a FII concentrate standard with FII potency expressed in International Units (IU).

The prothrombinase complex is sensitive to γ -carboxylation and therefore non-γ-carboxylated-FII is not activated in this method in contrast to snake venom based prothrombin methods.

Key characteristics

  • A chromogenic Prothrombin method based upon the prothrombinase complex.
  • non-γ-carboxylated-FII is not activated in the method in contrast to snake venom-based prothrombin methods.
  • Detection Limit 0.05 U/mL (5%) when using a plasma dilution of 1:200 as prescribed in the package insert.
  • Suitable for analysis of plasma samples, plasma derived prothrombin containing concentrates and recombinant prothrombin*.

*Lövgren A,  Deinum J, Rosén S, Bryngelhed P, Rosén P, Hansson, K M. Characterization of thrombin derived from human recombinant prothrombin. Blood Coagulation & Fibrinolysis 2015; 26(5): 545-555.

Kit information

  • 1 Kit = 4 x 25 test
  • For In Vitro Research Use Only


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