We’re devoted to Hemostasis Research and Diagnostics

Rossix is a Swedish developer and manufacturer of reagents for hemostasis research, diagnostics and quality control. We are experts in chromogenic assays for coagulation factors with experience dating back to the development of the first commercial chromogenic assay for Factor VIII in the 1980’s.

Our products

Premium Products for Hemostasis Research, Diagnostics and Quality Control

Our high quality products and know how serve customers all over the world. We offer premium chromogenic assays for Factor VIII, Factor IX and Prothrombin. Our highly sensitive chromogenic assays for activated Factor IX (FIXa) and activated Factor XIa (FXIa) are used in quality control of Factor IX and immunoglobulin products in the pharmaceutical industry. Rossix is also an OEM supplier of reagents, serving international OEM-clients with customized solutions and technical support.

Product range

Our product range consists of chromogenic assays for coagulation factors, phospholipid emulsions and buffers. We also have a proven track record of developing and manufacturing customized reagents for the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry.

Our products